Letter to the Editor:

Over my lifetime, I have seen many changes in society, schools, and churches. In our society today anything goes, there is less caring for others and more “do your own thing.” Schools are very modern, very equipped to give higher education but lack the ability to prepare the students totally for the upcoming shock they face upon completing high school. Many changes are necessary and good, and unless they don’t include everyone, some people find a lot of changes hard to accept. The biggest change that almost makes me sick is in the churches. Many people have stepped away from church as leader pastor and even the people have developed an attitude of not really caring.

I was raised in a very strong and caring church that had good leaders. As I got older I went to another church that I enjoyed but in the 1990s I was asked by friends to go to a Pentecostal Church. I had attended such churches a few times with my grandparents and a few times as an adult, but never connected with them until 2013. I went to an Assembly of God Church that I really loved. In 2015, the church merged with another church and many left including me. I was so used to hearing the true gospel I thought all Assemblies would be the same, but they are not. I started going to an Assembly of God Church in Polo, Mo. To my amazement, the change in the Assembly of God Churches was about to be revealed. The pastor at the Polo Assembly of God Church was rude, outspoken, would get angry at the drop of a hat and in preaching the word, would not preach the true words of Jesus sometimes. It was such a shock to see the Assembly of God District lower their standards to allow such a pastor to preach and be a leader in one of these churches and would stand behind her on bad decisions. The Assembly of God Churches have many powerful ministers who have gone through great trials with their lives and with others who have hurt them, but have continued to love and care for others even if they hurt them. But the District has changed. They have allowed poor pastors to filter in giving them power to do any wicked act to a person and get by with it. There is now no sound bible guidelines for these unequipped to follow, they do as they please. If they don’t like someone, they ask them to leave.

I found that to go to the Assembly of God Church in Polo, you must become a puppet and say nothing even when the pastor is wrong, otherwise you would be black balled, and instead of the District helping and stopping these pastors, they let them go ahead and destroy lives. I found pastors like this are not worthy of their calling. True men and women of God years ago would of never accepted these churches and would of fought to change the corruptness that these churches have caused.

When a pastor will be told by others that they are worried about a person because of the devastation the pastor had caused in their life. If a pastor tells them they need to call the law if they fear for that person’s life because they, meaning the pastor, is done with them, that’s no pastor. A true pastor, no matter what they think of a person, always should show love, not hate. The Assemblies have always been in the past a strong organization but with changes that allow pastors like the one at the Assembly of God in Polo to not only make quick and devastating judgments on other people will begin to fall away.

I have left the faith of the Assembly of God Church. To me, the District does not promote the love of God. Many changes will occur during your lifetime and there are some pastors who are too weak to be good leaders. Even if they have been an associate pastor for many years, does not mean they will make a good head pastor. Changes sometime are good but if the change, whether in society, schools, or churches hurt others, those changes should not be made. Only changes that help everyone should be allowed and accepted.

Joan Hinds

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