Letter to the Editor:

There’s a fight going on within the confines of Kidder, Missouri. This same fight goes on in countless bergs and towns across the nation. A loose definition of what this local government is calling, “ordinances.” They are basically designed to regulate how a person can live or operate in this case on their own property. There is a particular argument that is coming to a head, a trial date is set for early June in the county seat. That of Kidder vs. local machine/repair shop.

First, the winners, as always, are the attorney’s, unless they lose their case. Somehow, that’s not really losing, they still get paid. The city of Kidder stands to win since they are a governmental body. Also, they make the rules, a parent of sorts. What judge is going to rule against a city government? It does happen, but not often.
The judge stands to lose no matter how he finds. It would set a precedent if he favors the business owner, a successful, twenty plus year veteran of the mechanic/repair business, which could create havoc in his courtroom, blazing a trail for those the city council deems offensive. Should the judge side with the city of Kidder, the judge, in these parts at least, is elected. He stands to lose votes.
The business owner, he’s not going to win, regardless. If the judge rules in his favor, the city will only strike again. And if he rules for the city, making this mechanic clean up his shop, he loses still, as he’s busy and will have to pay someone to clean for him to keep his customers happy by
getting their vehicles/machinery done in a timely manner.
This case seems cut and dried to the average Joe, but there’s more to the story. This governmental body even wants to dictate the number of customer’s vehicles he can have parked in front of his business! Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? Micromanage much? To what end?
Later on, I learned something interesting. There’s another mechanic shop just down the street. Low and behold, that gent just happens to be on the Kidder city council. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it? Has this other mechanic shop owner recused himself in all decisions made regarding these ordinance
violations? Doesn’t he stand to gain when the business owner in question loses? At the very least I see a conflict of interest?
What does the city of Kidder have to lose in all this? Have property values plummeted recently? Is there discontent coming from all sides pointed directly at this business owner? He says, “Not one person has complained to him, except for those on the council.”
Isn’t it about time that our little towns stand up against tyranny? How about the judges who are put in this no-win situation? Wouldn’t it behoove them to urge oversight on the state level at the very least? As a citizen, you have rights, to be heard, to keep your governments within their bounds, etc. When will you have had enough? When this creeps up to your door, like an unwelcome guest? How will you deal with this then? Speaking up when you see something that’s morally bankrupt is free and may very well save you the trouble later!

Lawrence Coffey


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