One Down, One to Go

Fellow Americans,

Congratulations! We managed to survive another year of tyranny, despite our “pen and a phone” president putting the screws to us again! In this article, I will recap some of King Obama’s most notable “accomplishments” of 2015 to shed some light on his “most transparent” regime.

·         He released 6,000 “nonviolent” drug dealers early from federal prison (supposedly to relieve overcrowding), according to an article on the WND website ( Obama plans to release another 8,000 inmates in 2016! Why would he do that?

·         He is spending millions of tax dollars to move underprivileged inner city people into wealthy communities in an effort to “diversify” them, according to an article in The Hill ( The same government that has been disabling these people for decades with welfare now wants to spend more of our money to relocate them into taxpayer subsidized low income housing in affluent communities! What does he hope to achieve by doing this? Do you think Obama’s minions will relocate these folks to their communities?

·         He is accepting hundreds of thousands of immigrants and “refugees” from all over the world WITHOUT VETTING THEM! According to an ABC News article (, half of the states in the union (Missouri not included) have refused to accept Syrian refugees for fear of terrorism. Sadly, Obama’s U.S. Supreme Court and bully Department of Injustice will force the states to take them.

·         He is steadily releasing Islamic terrorists from custody in an effort to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. That’s been his stated goal since the beginning of his second term. Why would any president do that, knowing the terrorists will most certainly return to the battlefield and kill more Americans?

·         He has raised our national debt to almost $19 TRILLION! That’s over $157,000 per taxpayer, according to the website U.S. National Debt Clock (

I believe Obama’s ultimate goal is the fundamental transformation of America, just as he promised the day of his first inauguration. By unleashing criminals, terrorists, and illegal aliens on society, as well as deliberately inciting racial tension and class envy, Obama’s and Congress’ plan is nearly complete, short of collapsing our economy.

Please educate yourselves and teach others, so that we may clearly recognize and resist the evil at work in our federal government. May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

The Caldwell County News

101 South Davis
P.O. Box 218
Hamilton, MO 64644
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