Please Don’t Appease

Fellow Americans,

North Korea began pursuing a nuclear weapons program after the Korean War in 1953. The atomic bombs we dropped on Japan to end WWII apparently got North Korea’s attention. Their nuclear program started out very slowly, but thanks to the Soviet Union it quickly expanded. The Soviet Union sold North Korea nuclear materials and trained them on how to make weapons. In 1970, North Korea signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). This treaty was intended to restrict the spread of nuclear weapons; however, North Korea never intended to abide by it.

In 1993, North Korea threatened to withdraw from the treaty. President Bill Clinton made a “deal” with North Korea allowing it to use nuclear material to generate electricity if it agreed to dismantle its nuclear weapons. North Korea jumped at the opportunity and swore it would reform. It quickly became obvious that North Korea had no intention to cease its nuclear weapons ambitions, as it refused to allow inspectors access to its nuclear sites as required by the treaty! In 2003, President George Bush talked tough to North Korea regarding its nuclear weapons development. Once again, North Korea lied about its activities and refused to allow inspections of its facilities. For decades, U.S. presidents have repeatedly backed down and refused to take on North Korea.

Enter President Donald Trump. He now suddenly finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to face this threat head-on. North Korea has stated its intent to attack us. North Korea has demonstrated its capability of launching nuclear weapons at us. Why should we allow North Korea the opportunity to do it? Trump’s job is to protect America, but sadly members of Congress and the mainstream media are attacking him, calling him a war-monger! I suppose our founding fathers were war-mongers too!

We can’t afford to back down any longer from the sawed-off, two-bit dictator Kim Jong Un, who has threatened to launch missiles at Guam in just a few days! We can no longer afford to appease Little Kim or any other miscreant who threatens our security. We must act decisively and not wait for North Korea to “throw the first punch.” America’s best defense is a strong offense. Let us prepare for war and pray for peace. May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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