Fighting Mad

Fellow Americans,

If you’re not fighting mad, you should be! Go to the internet and search for “ISIS videos” and you’ll see atrocities committed against innocent civilians that are so horrific they are equaled to the treatment of the Jews in WWII by the Russians and Germans! The perpetrators of these heinous acts are Islamic terrorists, who are committed to killing anyone who is not Muslim or who is not Muslim enough! What you will see in these videos is incomprehensible; defenseless men, women, and children are being beheaded, crucified on wooden crosses, burned alive, drowned in cages, shot in the head, and blown to pieces with explosives! The women and young girls are often beaten, gang-raped, and stoned before they are murdered! Homosexuals are bound, gagged, and thrown onto the street from the roofs of tall buildings! Why? Because these Islamic terrorists believe it is THEIR DUTY to rid the world of infidels and to convert the world to Islam! Well, so much for religious tolerance! Every decent American should be appalled and angered at the unspeakable violence committed by ISIS terrorists and their affiliates!

Where is the outrage from the national media, the “gay community”, the feminists, and the Christians? Sadly, they are silent. I don’t hear any other religion calling for the extermination of non-believers, so why do we tolerate this? Why don’t we speak out? Maybe it’s because we believe President Obama and his henchmen (and henchwomen) when they say Islam is a “religion of peace.” That’s a crock and they know it! Why else did Obama’s government delete references to Jihad and Islam from their training manuals ( Why else did Obama circumvent congress and make a “deal” with the Iranians over their nuclear ambitions ( Only a Kool-Aid drinking moron would believe Iran is not interested in developing nuclear weapons. Who do you think Iran will target with its nukes? I’ll give you a hint: “Death to America; Death to Israel!”

The U.S. military’s mission in the Middle East should focus on killing Islamic terrorists and destroying their war-fighting capability. We should use any weapon at our disposal, including waterboarding captured terrorists to collect valuable intelligence. The United States shouldn’t involve itself in every country’s business, but we certainly shouldn’t turn our back on Israel and crawl into bed with our enemies! To quote Mike Huckabee, “You can’t create for other people a desire for freedom and democracy…..[the military’s role] is to kill and destroy our enemy and to make America safe.”

Friends, we must annihilate any and all threats to our national security, foreign and DOMESTIC! We must not allow ANYTHING or ANYONE to trample our Constitution and way of life! Please educate yourselves and then teach others. Most of all, pray for our troops and our country! May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi,

Kidder, MO

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