Missouri Lottery has topped $6 billion in proceeds.

Lottery Profits to the State and Public Education Top $6 Billion

With today’s monthly transfer of profits worth $23.4 million, the Missouri Lottery has topped $6 billion in proceeds to the state and public education.

“Surpassing $6 billion in revenue to the state and education is gratifying,” said May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. “It’s a huge amount, and we couldn’t have done it without the many Lottery players, our dedicated retail network, our vendor partners and our employees. Thanks to each of them, we’ve been able to generate billions and Play It Forward for education programs, institutions and students.”

Reardon said when the Lottery began in 1986, it offered only one Scratchers game at a time and only one Draw Game, Missouri Lotto. Now, the Lottery offers approximately 50 Scratchers at any one time, ranging in price from $1 to $30, and sells eight Draw Games, including four daily games.

“Sales since start-up have exceeded $22.4 billion,” said Reardon. “Retailers have earned more than $1.35 billion for selling Lottery products, and more than $14 billion in prizes have been awarded to players.”

“Not to mention, 492 players have won life-changing prizes from $1 million up to $293.7 million,” Reardon added. “That adds up to more than $3.4 billion in jackpot prizes alone.”

One hundred percent of Lottery proceeds go to public education. In FY18, the proceeds are earmarked for programs such as the Foundation Program, the A+ Schools (scholarships) Program, Special Education Excess Costs, the Classroom Trust Fund, Access Missouri Financial Assistance Fund and operating costs for state universities. For a complete list of programs funded in FY18, as well as how Lottery dollars were spent in your county, visit the Lottery's website at MOLottery.com.

“To date, Lottery proceeds have provided more than $2.2 billion to the Foundation Program, more than $306 million for A+ Scholarships and more than $194.5 million to community colleges,” said Reardon. “Those are just a few of the vital programs funded with Lottery dollars.”

Each year, the governor and the state’s legislature allocate the proceeds during the annual appropriation process. These funds represent approximately 4 percent of the annual funding required for Missouri’s public education system.

“The great news is the Missouri Lottery is entirely self-funding, which means doesn’t cost the state or taxpayers anything to operate,” Reardon noted.  “In the past 32 years, our operating costs have gone from a high of 14 percent down to 4.5 percent – one of the lowest in the nation.”


FY87               $80,000,100.00                      

FY88               $80,047,009.25           (+.05)

FY89               $93,102,306.37           (+16.3)

FY90               $75,000,000.00           (-19.4)

FY91               $76,179,083.01           (+1.6)

FY92               $66,082,246.00           (-13.3)

FY93               $72,129,289.00           (+9.2)

FY94               $110,573,071.00*       (+53.3)

FY95               $125,169,977.37*       (+13.2)

FY96               $132,311,303.00*       (+5.7)

FY97               $134,201,860.00*       (+1.4)

FY98               $147,134,560.00*       (+9.6)

FY99               $150,578,471.00*       (+2.3)

FY00               $155,819,955.00*       (+3.5)

FY01               $156,918,454.00*       (+.70)

FY02               $160,092,441.00*       (+2)

FY03               $193,940,550.00*       (+21.1)

FY04               $230,318,233.00*       (+18.8)

FY05               $218,285,010.00*       (-5.2)

FY06               $260,300,831.00*       (+19.2)

FY07               $259,737,970.00*       (-.2)

FY08               $265,051,179.00*       (+2)

FY09               $259,006,284.00*       (-2.3)

FY10               $255,030,945.00*       (-1.5)

FY11               $259,424,365.00*       (+1.7)

FY12               $280,042,095.00*       (+7.9)

FY13               $288,804,006.00*       (+3.13)

FY14               $267,324,620.00*       (-7.4)

FY15               $270,701,018.00*       (+1.26)

FY16               $308,993,403.00*       (+14.1)

FY17               $297,874,416.00*       (-3.5)

FY18 to date   $281,460,079.00**    

Total               $6,011,635,130**      

Total transfers to General Revenue (FY87-FY93) – $542,540,033.63

Total transfers to Public Education (FY94- FY18 to date) - $5,469,095,096.37

* Proceeds earmarked for public education. Earlier proceeds went to the General Revenue Fund.

** Unaudited numbers

About the Missouri Lottery (MOLottery.com)
In 1984, more than 70 percent of Missouri voters approved a lottery. Currently, the Lottery is the sixth-largest source of state income. Since sales started in 1986, the Missouri Lottery has generated more than $6 billion for the state and public education, and annual Lottery proceeds make up approximately 4 percent of the state’s funding for public education. Lottery players have won more than $13.1 billion in prizes, and retailers have earned more than $1.3 billion in commissions. Each year, the Lottery generates more than $286 million for vital education programs, including A+ scholarships. When you play the Missouri Lottery, you Play It Forward!

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