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Welcome to the Scuttlebutt. We strive to provide information to local veterans and share a little bit about life in the military.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that you took out time to honor our veterans and loved ones in some form or manner.  I had the pleasure of attending the Kidder Festival this weekend and amongst all the great food and entertainment, we also were honored to have a great group of veterans called the “Comedy Vets”. Their primary focus its to support other veterans and work to overcome the loss of hope and the depression that leads to veteran suicides. Latest statistics tell us that 22 veterans lose the homefront battle every day. If someone you know is fighting that battle, don’t wait until they are in the grave to try to help. Just a hug or a kind word of encouragement may make the difference. We hear it all the time about how people were on the verge of taking their own life. And then, a friendly “hello”, or “luv u”, gave them hope and caused them to change their mind. Anyway, the comedy vets are trying to help make a difference in the lives of fellow veterans. You can find out more about them on  If you know of a current veteran, or their family, who is having trouble and needs some help, please contact us at the numbers listed below. At the very least, please, be kind to others and PRAY FOR PEACE!

Our Military Hero’s- Capt. Kim Campbell USAF - call sign "Killer Chick,"

Early in the Iraq war, on April 7, 2003, ground forces ran into trouble on the North Baghdad Bridge. Enemy fighters had blocked the site, with allies advancing. A-10 fighter pilot and then-Capt. Kim Campbell was called in to provide air support. Campbell, call sign "Killer Chick," deployed explosive rockets and scored a direct hit. But returning from that weapons pass, her A-10 sustained heavy damage. The jet rolled left, pointed toward the ground. Nothing Campbell did worked. She had lost all the jet’s hydraulics. At that point, Campbell flipped the jet into manual reversion—still with no steering, no brakes—regained control, flew the jet more than a 100 miles back to Kuwait, and became one of just a handful of people to land an A-10 manually. Lt. Col. Campbell was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for her efforts.

On the Light Side-! “Logic?”

A Drill Sergeant was chewing out a new recruit when he asked him:

      "Tell me stupid if one of your ears was shot off what would happen?"

      "Well sir, I couldn't hear." 

      "What if both your ears were shot off?" 

      "Well, I wouldn't be able to see." 

      "That is dumb. Why did you say that?"

      "If both my ears were shot off, sir, my helmet would slide right down over my eyes!"

News Bulletins

Nonprofits Struggle to Reach At-Risk Veterans Who Shun VA Services  May 26

NEW YORK CITY -- From a warren of desks in a downtown Manhattan office building, the small team of social workers and counselors takes calls from veterans who either won't go to the Department of Veterans Affairs or are bewildered on where to turn for help. This is the Rapid Response Referral Program of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, an effort to combat what Navy Reserve Cmdr. Jeremy Butler, IAVA's chief executive officer, calls the "navigation" problem for veterans trying to find the right fit in a vast and disjointed support system. In addition to the VA and other government agencies, there are traditional veterans service organizations and more than 40,000 support groups registered as nonprofits with the Internal Revenue Service, according to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University. Over the last year, IAVA has had 235 contacts, an uptick of 50%, to the referral program from "at-risk" veterans, said Lindsay Rodman, a former Marine legal officer who served in Afghanistan and now is director of legal strategy and communications at IAVA. It is a small number, but it addresses those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to go use the Crisis hotline. The volunteers try to get to the underlying reasons that have brought the veteran to this “Crisis point”

Upcoming Events and Meetings

American Legion – 3rd Wednesday at Legion Hall - Dinner @1800, meeting at 1900

VFW – 3rd Monday of month at Cameron Veteran’s Home Chapel -1900 hours

Contact information

For more information or to offer help: Contact Pat O’Connor (816) 575-2568

Veterans Clinic (CBOC) @ MVH (816) 632-1369

Veterans Crisis Hotline 1-800-273-8255

A good website is It has some of the latest news information as well as explaining veteran benefits. Also try

The Caldwell County News

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P.O. Box 218
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