A “Deplorable’s” Immigration Plan

President-Elect Trump has thrown out several immigration ideas during his march to January Twentieth, but I think we of “The Basket of Deplorables” should have the right to toss in our two-cents before Congress announces their final plan.

The most important part of any plan needs to be the construction of a wall or fence that is guarded by people intent on preserving the security of our country. At the present time, we are as vulnerable to penetration by terrorists as we are by the horde of illegals flowing across our southern border. A country cannot exist without definable borders, and our nation is now at a similar place in history as the Roman Empire when Goths were pouring over the Danube in the 4th Century. We know how that resulted.

Along with building a barrier on the southern border, which I believe was given funding back in the younger Bush Presidency (I wonder where that money went?), there needs to be a complete halt to any immigration from any nation for a period no shorter than eight years.

This will accomplish several positive results: 1) The United States will not be able to be charged with any racial or religious prejudice, because we are denying everybody access; 2) This will give those immigrants already here a decent amount of time to assimilate to the American way of life; 3) By denying certain visas, we may be able to end the policy of Americans being pushed out of industrial and technology jobs by those willing to work for less pay; 4) Halting student visas would give American youth the opportunity for placement in medical schools, etc. where foreign nationals are now securing a large percentage of the open seats; and 5) This time is needed to address those who have already entered the country illegally.

The 20 million illegal immigrants and so-called dreamers must next be given three months to report to their local post office to fill out documents denoting who they are and where they live. Those who file these documents will (upon being cleared by federal, state and local law enforcement) be awarded permanent residence in the United States. The people needed to process this number of people will create a large work force. Those unwilling to report will be given a second sign-up period of one month’s time before they are deported. Any illegal immigrant guilty of a felony will be deported. Any illegal involved in gang and/or drug activity will be deported.

The most important part of this reclamation of our immigration situation is the penalty assessed for those guilty of entering the country illegally. It will not be a monetary fine. There will not be deportation with reentry guaranteed. THE PENALTY IS A LIFETIME BAN ON THE PRIVILEGE OF THE VOTE. Citizenship will never be an option. However, these residents will be allowed to work and pay taxes in order to participate in all of the government programs available. This penalty will be waved and automatic citizenship bestowed on any person serving honorably in the United States military service. Any resulting children born in the USA will be natural citizens.

The United States Congress should be given four years to come up with a new immigration policy, which can be revisited every two years until it is decided to re-open our immigration policy. It would also be wise to allow tourist visas and those for seasonal farm workers.

This plan may not be perfect, but please consider the deplorable source.

Bill Arthur


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