Dear Editor:

In the past couple of weeks, I have written about the unfair, unkind, unbiblical and ungodly acts the pastor and the district did be removing me from the Assembly of God Church in Polo.

I have had many changes in my body since having gastric bypass done in February. I went back to the doctor who performed the surgery and talked to him about the things that had happened in my body since the surgery. He told me all the things that I had experienced were directly related to the surgery.

The infections, my immune system being low, the rapid weight loss, my blood sugars being up and down, low potassium, and the iron levels being off the chart, caused by body to react badly. My mind was very dazed and I would do things I did not know I did until I would go to do them again and find it had already been done. He explained to me that not everyone has this severe reaction to this surgery, but I was one that did. What came across to me was if I did send that pastor a text, I would not of remembered it as fuzzy as my mind was, which I still doubt that I sent the text as my computer Face book messenger was hacked and the messenger was combined on the computer and telephone.

In knowing all this, it even makes me sicker to know that the district and the pastor at the Assembly of God Church in Polo could and did discard me like a piece of trash, devastating my life when I had no control what and how I was acting. So much hate toward me and neither the district superintendent or the pastor cared; that is not good leadership. The gastric bypass is not an easy surgery and at best it takes many months to get back to where you once were and the older you are, the more health problems you can have, and if you were sick prior to the surgery, it is worse.

A nurse told me when cutting into the stomach, it releases a lot of hormones and for some, can cause major problems. The changes in my body and mind coupled by the stress put upon me by poor leadership in the church, has now led me down a path to where I must seek counseling to put my life back into order. Hopefully this can be done without medication.

Even though I have many affects from this surgery, I would still recommend it as it did rid me of some illnesses and I have lost a lot of weight which has made me feel better. But as far as the church, I was removed from it and it is shameful to think a pastor and district could bully a person and kick them when they are down, but they did.

I would not recommend the Polo Missouri Assembly of God Church to anyone as they will kick you out without knowing the facts and do not care how it affects you. I, for one, would never go back even if I could. These pastors give good pastors a bad name.

Joan Hinds

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