The Great Wall of Trump

by Dan Landi

Fellow Americans,

China has a great wall.  It has served as a formidable physical barrier, protecting China from invasion for centuries.  According to an article at, 65 countries have either walls or fences to protect their sovereignty and stop the free flow of immigrantion.  Why do these countries want to control immigration?  Maybe it has something to do with terrorism.  Maybe it has something to do with the crime rate.  Maybe it has something to do with unemployment.  Doesn’t every country have the right to protect itself?     

America has no wall.  America has been “invaded” by illegal immigrants for decades.  These people pour into our country illegally from all over the world; that is they come UNINVITED, violating our trust.  Not to be confused with legal immigrants who have obeyed our rules and earn American citizenship, illegal immigrants disregard the rules and put themselves above our laws.  Regardless of the reason, illegal immigration is dangerous for every country’s security because the immigrants’ motives are not known.  

It is impossible to stop illegal immigration without a physical barrier.  Why doesn’t America have such a barrier?  Because our politicians don’t want one!  Republicans like cheap labor and illegal immigrants represent a reliable work force that works for peanuts.  Working for cash “under the table” saves employers tons of money, but it also drives down wages for all workers.  Democrats like a permanent underclass which can be persuaded to vote by providing “freebies” (welfare), which drains our economy and puts a strain on our resources.  Knowing illegal immigrants won’t likely bite the hand that feeds them, the Democrats are assured to remain in power. 

According to the Constitution, it is our president’s responsibility to ensure our national security.  America needs physical barriers to keep intruders out.  Our politicians live in gated communities and our president lives in a house surrounded by a fence for the same reason.  Why do we lock our doors and windows on our homes?  It is not unreasonable for America to have secure borders.  Walls work, and President Trump says he’s going to build one -- a Great Wall of Trump!  For our country’s sake, I hope he does.  Please pray for our leaders, that they may put the needs of the American people above their own.  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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