PSC public hearing to take place in Polo Dec. 14

Letter to the Editor,

Final Showdown Regarding Grain Belt Coming Soon:

Block Grain Belt Express has become a rallying call in Caldwell County. It is an issue in which the vast majority of residents agree with each other and have come together to work to defeat a common wrong. Property rights, quite simply, are worth defending! Many of us have spent huge sums of money and many hours of volunteer time trying to stop this private company with foreign backing from invading our county and erecting massive direct current (DC) transmission lines next to existing gas pipelines. We know that DC corrodes metal, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know it is a bad idea to keep the gas can right next to the fire. We know that if this company can force itself on our neighbors, then we very well may get hit next. So we have stood up and helped to lead this fight, one that has so far blocked a company owned by one of the largest utility companies in the world (National Grid) from doing as they please in our state.

It has been both a sacrifice of labor and worry, and of time and money. It has also been a heartwarming pleasure to see our county join other counties across the state, and to win against those who have nothing but contempt for us. Clean Line has showed us their true colors. They have lied, bullied, attempted to dishearten, and refused to listen to us. They have tried to trick our elderly landowners into signing over their property rights, and offered college kids a pizza party in exchange for signatures on a petition supporting the project to the Public Service Commission (PSC). We have fought back and so far we have been victorious!

The PSC public hearings proved crucial to our victory the first time our PSC denied Grain Belt the power of eminent domain authority over our properties. We came out in huge numbers, and the Commissioners listened to us and cited our testimony as one of the reasons they voted against Grain Belt. In order to win this third, and very likely final time, we have to show up in even bigger numbers at the public hearings. All the work we have done rests on these public hearings. Please, please attend and sign up to speak! Clean Line will be bringing their "A game." They likely will have new pizza parties, and people speaking in support who will get there early. In order to win again, we have to make sure the Commissioners hear us.

Please attend the Caldwell County hearing and bring all your friends and family! Our property rights, quite literally, depend on it!

Jennifer Gatrel, Block Grain Belt Express

Caldwell County Public Hearing:

Dec. 14, 2016: Polo
Community Center at Stagecoach Park, 1010 Main Street
The local public hearing will begin at 12:00 p.m.*

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