Letter to the Editor:

What the heck is going on with the Aldermen/women in the city of Kidder. Last month Alderwoman Bratcher was shocked to find out that “SEMIS” are not allowed to park in the city of Kidder even though she, Alderwoman Bratcher, fought to get the ordnance approved, and personally made the motion to get it approved. Then last month in April, the board requested that a “change” to the ordinance be made to “ALLOW,” semis to park, but when the change was presented to the board, “NO ONE,” on the board would second it.
It does not stop there, earlier in the evening Alderman McEwen attempted to “EXTORT,” money from a gentlemen that wants to purchase a section of land that was split in half by the city planners a hundred years ago with the idea that one day it might need to become a street. The gentlemen in question requested that the “street” be vacated, meaning the city will have no
claim over it and cannot suddenly decide to put in a street and force the gentlemen to vacate years from now. This is a “street” in name only and the current owner has been farming it for years, but, Alderman McEwen wants to know what the city will get for vacating it even stating he thinks $3,000 would be a fee. THAT is by definition “The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, under color of official right.” Source: http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Extortion is Extortion! Luckily, the Board of Alderman overrode Alderman McEwen's attempt at Extortion and voted to vacate.
The one fine point of disbelief, was when a gentlemen who has had and still has a number of code violations, protested that the city and the Mayor are at fault for “HIS, violations. It seems the gentleman  made a deal with now, listen closely, because this is because the “MAYOR,” hates this gentlemen, because the gentleman made a deal with the Mayor's daughter's boyfriend to mow his grass, but the “Mayor,” refused to let the boyfriend use his $3,000 mower to mow the man's grass when the boyfriend's mower broke.
He went on to state all the “PERCEIVED” code violations that the Mayor has on his (the Major's) property. It is bad enough the gentlemen comes to town only two weeks out of the year and blames others for his own failures, but to have at least two of the aldermen/woman join in bad mouthing the mayor, who was home sick and unable to attend, while holding themselves up as examples of what “GOOD CITIZENS,” they themselves are is beyond the pale! From now on your misdeeds will be reported to everyone!

G. Robert Bauer II


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