Never Waste a Crisis

Fellow Americans, 

Newsflash: the Chinese coronavirus is spreading uncontrollably throughout the world and people are dropping like flies!  That is not an actual headline that I know of but it very well could be, given the way the mainstream media has distorted and hyped the facts.  Why is the glass always half-empty as far as the media are concerned?  Because Donald Trump is president!  If you doubt me, consider the following:  Why doesn’t the mainstream media ever report the number of coronavirus survivors?  According to a March 20, 2020 article at the Medical News Today website (, of the 335 million people in the United States, 14,250 people had the virus and 205 of them died.  That’s a death rate of 1.4%.  In other words, 98.6% of the people with the virus survive, and that’s without a vaccine!  Also, why aren’t the media talking about Tom Hanks and his wife since they announced they had the Chinese virus almost two weeks ago?  Because they are recovering!  You can bet if there were complications the press would be all over the story!    

The media are not the only ones trying to sabotage the president with hyped negativity.  Mayors and governors across the country have declared “public health emergencies” and have restricted their citizens’ freedom to associate and travel!  These American dictators have also shut down schools and businesses in the name of public safety!  This deliberate overreaction serves several nefarious purposes.  First, it creates the illusion of mass casualties and opens the floodgates to tons of federal aid dollars (our money) for them and their friends.  Second, it gives them an opportunity to control the masses by making people more dependent on the government, which ensures their reelection!  Third, it may tank the economy which they hope will hurt the president.  Is it any wonder that most of these knuckleheads are Democrats?  They never seem to waste a crisis!     

President Trump is facing intense pressure to bail out America.  Since he will be criticized no matter what he does, I suggest he authorize zero-percent government loans in lieu of simply giving “free” money to everyone.  This would be voluntary and would be required to be paid back in full, so the taxpayer loses nothing!  

So, let’s be optimistic during this insane time.  Since nearly everything is shut down and people are stuck at home, let’s make the most of it and enjoy our families.  Let’s play board games, cards, and dominoes.  Let’s go outdoors and enjoy nature.  Let’s sit and visit with neighbors.  In short, let’s not waste this crisis.  We are Americans and we will get through this just fine!  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

The Caldwell County News

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