An Opposing View

Fellow Americans,

I read an interesting letter to the editor in the October 6, 2020 edition of The Caldwell County News.  The letter was written by Dr. Ted Rights, in which he listed the reasons he is voting for Joe Biden for president.  The following are his reasons and my opposing views.  

·      Taxes.  Joe Biden and Dr. Rights believe that the rich aren’t paying their fair share.  Who are the “rich” and who decides what is fair?  Is it wrong to follow the law and use loopholes and tax shelters to minimize your tax bill?  Why demonize the rich anyway?  They provide the jobs that keep Americans working! 

·      Health Care for everybody.  Isn’t that what we have now?  Anyone, including illegal aliens, can receive treatment at any ER anytime.  I think what Joe and Ted meant was FREE healthcare for everybody.  We tried that with Obamacare and it didn’t work.  Wouldn’t a better solution be a free market system where patients choose their doctors and their insurance plans with minimal government intervention?

·      Jobs.  Dr. Rights claimed Biden will create more jobs by protecting the environment.  I fail to see the correlation between the two unless Biden plans to grow the government bureaucracy.  Over regulation (and over taxation) stifles the economy and leads to fewer businesses and jobs.          

·      Decency.  Dr. Rights alleged Biden wants to treat every person with decency.  Is Biden really the best person to speak of decency?  Remember, he is one of the main conspirators who tried to overthrow Trump!  If that’s not enough, go to YouTube and see the many examples of Biden groping young girls. You’ll also see interviews where Biden made racist and bigoted comments!  Don’t forget about the many sexual harassment accusations against him either!  Now there’s decency for you!    

·      Foreign Relations.  Dr. Rights stated Biden will renew America’s alliance with other countries.  We know Biden supported Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, which gave Iran billions of U.S. tax dollars and allowed the Iranian government to obtain nuclear weapons!  Biden is also chummy with Russia and China.  Just ask his son, Hunter!

Biden spent 47 years in Washington D.C. and has done nothing but enrich himself and his family at our expense.  In my opinion, Joe Biden is a serious threat to our liberty.  Check out the Democrat Party Platform on the internet and see their dangerous ideas for yourself.  Please do your own homework and learn the truth for yourself.  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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