Our Lost Liberty

Fellow Americans,

As I reflected on our many blessings during this Christmas season, I couldn’t help but wonder where our liberty had gone.  Like the liberty to live free from fear, for instance.  For nearly a year, our federal and state governments have FORCED business and schools to close.  They have LIMITED our freedom of movement and association.  They have MANDATED we wear diapers on our faces, with mandatory vaccines to follow!  They shut us out of our churches last Easter and they tried to do the same this Christmas!  And we buckled out of fear!

Another example of our lost liberty is the ability to choose our own political leaders.  What good is having the right to vote when one side cheats to nullify our choice?  Election fraud has occurred in America for many years, but never with such magnitude as we witnessed on November 4, 2020.  Such widespread fraud in the general election was unprecedented, as evidenced by the number of dead people and illegal aliens who voted, mail-in ballot discrepancies, and by physically and electronically altered ballots!  How long will our other rights and freedoms last under this corruption?

Our Constitution and the rule of law are the only protection we have against tyranny.  America’s enemies are well aware of that, which is why they are willing to cheat, steal, and lie to gain power.  Like true Communists, Socialists, Marxists, (fill in your favorite group), the Democrat Party will never stop trying to oppress us.  We know who they are and what they are about.  They have come out of hiding with their Wuhan Virus fascism and massive election fraud!  They have made their intentions crystal clear: to bring America down at any cost! 

Naturally, none of their schemes would be possible without a complicit mainstream media.  How do you think Hitler rose to power with overwhelming public support?  Sadly, by the time the German people realized they were duped by a complicit media, it was too late.  Is it too late for America to learn that same lesson?

Our founders knew this day would eventually come.  That’s why they gave us the solution: the Constitution.  It is our responsibility to learn it, teach it, and defend it!  We must also turn to God and pray for His divine mercy.  May God bless you, President Trump, and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO


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