Put Up or Shut Up

Fellow Americans,

How much longer will this fishing expedition continue? Since Donald Trump was elected president, his opponents on both sides have been desperately trying to bring him down, by hook or by crook. Trump’s enemies in the Department of Justice have employed every dirty trick they know to discredit and delegitimize his presidency. Consider the following examples:

·  They have LIED to the American people by falsely accusing Trump of working with the Russians to steal the presidency away from Hideous Hillary Clinton!

·  They have ILLEGALLY leaked classified information to the press and America’s enemies!

·  They have conducted UNLAWFUL investigations far beyond the allegation of “collusion.” They are now are grasping at straws by going after Trump’s family in search of anything they can use against him!

So, where is all the evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing? Where are the accomplices? Where are the witnesses? Nowhere, because they don’t exist! As mentioned in my article, Time for Offense, this entire “collusion” narrative is simply a bogus attempt to sabotage Trump’s Presidency! Now is the time for President Trump to go on offense and investigate the devious and sinister activities perpetrated by Hideous Hillary Clinton, such as:

·  UNLAWFULLY maintaining a private internet server and communicating classified national security information on it!

·  ILLEGALLY deleting over 30,000 emails, in defiance of a court order to produce them!

·  FELONIOUSLY destroying government property, specifically computer hard drives and cell phones, to hide criminal activity and hinder investigators!

·  FALSELY testifying to Congress and LYING to the American people!

President Trump is partly to blame for his current situation. Because he failed to recognize his enemies, he made the grave mistake of inviting them into his administration. He brought swamp rats and pond scum into his fold and now wonders why the long knives are out! Why didn’t Trump “drain the swamp” by immediately firing Barack Obama hold-overs? I think Trump is finally starting to understand these Obama loyalists and career bureaucrats are his primary threat. Better late than never.

It’s time for the FBI to either produce its evidence or SHUT UP! Go to www.crtv.com and see for yourself how corrupt our federal government has become! Please, pray for our leaders and for justice to prevail! May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO 

The Caldwell County News

101 South Davis
P.O. Box 218
Hamilton, MO 64644
Phone: 816-583-2116

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