Sinking in Quicksand

by Dan Landi

Fellow Americans,

Our country is sinking in quicksand.  We’ve adopted a “me” attitude while overlooking the rights of others.  We have discarded good and embraced evil.  The evil I refer to in this article is abortion, which I have written about in Cold-Blooded Murder, Pure Evil, and The Real Margaret Sanger

On January 22, 2019, New York state lawmakers passed a law allowing abortions up to the moment of birth for nearly any reason!  The Reproductive Health Act allows for a doctor, nurse, or midwife to perform abortions on demand.  This law also allows for the baby to be killed if the abortion is botched and the baby is born alive!  This is so evil, why would anyone condone this?  I believe for power and profit.  The supporters of these murders are power hungry.  They crave the power over life and death.  They also get rich by selling baby parts to labs.  Still others are thrilled just to ram this down our throats, especially the week after the annual March for Life!

To be clear, if you disturb a spotted owl nest, federal authorities will be looking to have a word with you.  But if you murder an unborn baby in the womb, or if you kill a baby born after a botched abortion, you will likely be applauded!  So what’s next?  Killing the elderly or those in a vegetative state? 

Murder is wrong regardless of age or medical condition.  Just because the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal, doesn’t make it moral.  Abortion in undeniably murder!  Proponents say that a woman has the right to choose to keep or kill her baby.  If that is true, then why doesn’t the unborn baby have a right to live?  We must protect life at all costs in all circumstances.  All life is precious to God.  He created each one of us with specific plans for us.  No one has the right to take a life away from Him.

God is not happy with us.  He will not overlook one single murdered baby.  He will hold us accountable if we don’t condemn this evil that we have done!  Please pray that our leaders obey God’s law and do what’s right.  Let us also pray for forgiveness for our wickedness.  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO    

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