Thank You

Fellow Americans,

The people who live in China are sure lucky. They get to do exactly as the government dictates, no more and no less. They get to walk to work and put in 12+ hours in an overcrowded factory in some polluted city! Afterward, they get to retire to their modest apartments, where they can watch government-controlled TV or surf the government-censored internet or read government-run newspapers! Fortunately, the heating and cooling systems work well when the government turns them on! Not everybody in China is forced to live in the city, though. Country folks in China actually live in caves, most without electricity or running water! As long as its citizens don’t bad-mouth the government, don’t have more than 2 children, and don’t practice any other religion except Marxist atheism (the “official” government-sponsored religion), life in China is good!

Cubans are a fortunate group as well. They routinely get to see the inside of a jail cell for criticizing the government and failing to support El Presidente!

Venezuela is better. Due to a corrupt totalitarian government and hyperinflation, violent crimes have skyrocketed as food, medicine, hospital supplies, and public utilities have dwindled.

Not to be outdone, the North Korean government is even more oppressive. While “Rocket Man” and his inner-circle live high on the hog, the remaining 99% of the population live in squalor. They have only one civil right: the right to do as they are told by the government! In fact, life there is so enjoyable that few people ever leave…..alive!

No sane person would ever choose to live in places like these. Why do so many people in academia, Hollywood, and Washington D.C. complain about our country? If not for our patriotic founders, America would have become West England. How would the world look without America, especially after two world wars? Our Continental Army and Navy won our independence from England, and our military has been saving oppressed people throughout the world ever since! America is the hope of the world, the place where every freedom-loving person wants to live. I don’t see anyone fleeing our country, do you? America remains the beacon of freedom throughout the world thanks to our military. So, in honor of all our veterans (except Nidal Hasan, Bradley Manning, and Bowe Bergdahl), THANK YOU! May God continue to bless our troops and the United States of America!

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