They Win, We Lose

Fellow Americans, 

I recently read several good articles in area newspapers regarding wind energy.  The authors of these letters to the editor made many good points to support their positions that wind energy is bad for Missouri.  In this article, I will go a step farther and suggest wind energy is bad for America.  

My primary complaint with wind energy is the fact that without our tax dollars, these companies would go bankrupt because wind energy is expensive to produce.  But thanks to government hand-outs, these companies are thriving.  Why would our government take our money out of our paychecks and give it to these companies?  Greed, that’s why.  Here’s the scheme. Lobbyists donate money to help get their friends elected to public office.  Those elected officials are now beholding to the lobbyists.  The lobbyists then pressure the elected officials to pass certain laws that favor the lobbyists’ interests, like wind energy.  Then the elected officials heavily invest in these wind energy companies, knowing that the industry is going to get billions in subsidies!  To summarize, government forcibly takes our money (taxes) and gives it to private companies so politicians can get rich!  You see, they win and we lose!  

According to a 2016 article at, the wind energy industry has received $176 billion in subsidies!  To give an example of this racket, consider the General Electric Company.  GE is the largest maker of wind turbines in North America and sits on the board of the American Wind Energy Association.  Are we to believe there are no conflicts of interest here?  Consider NextEra Energy, the owner of the Missouri wind farms.  According to statistics at, the company has hired 342 lobbyists in 12 years and has received $3.1 billion in state and federal subsidies!  No corruption here!  While you are at that website, read the document titled Uncle Sam’s Favorite Corporations and check out the loads of data on the Subsidy Tracker!

In a free market capitalist system such as ours, private businesses should be allowed to fail if they are not efficient and competitive.  Most of all, politicians should not be enriching themselves at the taxpayers’ expense!  Go to to see the corruption for yourself.  To learn more about economics, watch Milton Friedman’s lectures on YouTube.  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi,

Kidder, MO  

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