Too Many Guns

Fellow Americans,

In the August 27th edition of the Caldwell County News, I read an interesting letter to the editor by Roger McPheeters of Braymer. He was critical of my letter to the editor, On The Attack, in which I affirmed my support for the 2nd Amendment.  In my letter I argued that after every major shooting in our country, there are those who cry out for “gun control.” Their solution to gun violence is the confiscation of our weapons. What they (and Mr. McPheeters) fail to realize is that no matter what guns the government outlaws, criminals will always find a way to get them because criminals don’t obey laws! That’s what makes them criminals! 

According to Mr. McPheeters, people like me will “hide behind ole 1776 the second amendment.” He implied that semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines didn’t exist in 1776, therefore our founders would not approve of them today. Mr. McPheeters also implied that it is the gun’s fault when people get shot. I strongly disagree. I know lots of people whose guns have not harmed anyone! As I have stated in the past, a gun is a tool like any other tool in a toolbox. It is only harmful when handled irresponsibly or criminally, the same as a screwdriver or hammer. 

I also disagree with Mr. McPheeters’ opinion that “gun control” is not political. As long as I can remember, the Democrat Party has been trying to pry our guns out of our hands through legislation and/or confiscation! And as for Mr. McPheeters’ claim that America has the “worst murder rate per capita”, I humbly ask him to read the 2018 article at the left-leaning PBS website (, which ranked America 20th! If that’s not convincing, then check out the 2017 article at the left-leaning NPR website (, which ranked America 31st!  

As for Mr. McPheeters’ claim that there are too many guns in the wrong hands, I agree! If the Democrats want to alleviate that problem, why don’t they address the inner city gang violence which occurs in every major city? These cities have been run by Democrats for decades, yet the problems persist. Why? 

I believe the best way to deal with America’s gun violence is multifold. First and foremost, law-abiding Americans should be allowed to defend themselves with firearms. Second, we must stop the early release of criminals from prison. Third, we must stiffen the penalties for violent crimes. Fourth, we must alleviate prison overcrowding by building more prisons and adequately staffing them. Fifth, we must stop illegal entry into our country. 

So Mr. McPheeters, I agree we need more “gun control,” therefore I promise to keep my guns under control! May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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