What is a Crisis, Exactly?

Fellow Americans,

President Trump has come under fire for declaring a “crisis” at our southern border.  For many decades, Congress has failed to secure our borders and adequately enforce our immigration laws.  For many decades until now, presidents have also been derelict in their duty to keep America safe from foreign invasion.  But that is exactly what we now face at our southern border, and President Trump recognizes it.  We understand why people want to come here to live.  All we ask is that they demonstrate their desire to become a productive American citizen by following our immigration laws.  How trustworthy are the people whose first act in their new country is illegal entry?

With a porous border, who knows what is entering?  Are drugs, weapons, terrorists, and spies coming in?  Are innocent people being “trafficked” into our country to be used as slaves?  According to our Border Patrol, the answer is YES thanks to a clever strategy of saturation.  According to an article at Texas Monthly (www.texasmonthly.com), human smugglers are transporting tens of thousands of migrants from Central American countries to our southern border.  When all these migrants hit the US-Mexico border at once, they simply overwhelm the Border Patrol’s ability to process them.  As a result, many go around the entry points and sneak into our country ILLEGALLY.  This massive surge of migrants has forced the Border Patrol to close many drug checkpoints along popular smuggling highways and re-deploy those personnel to entry points.  This leaves the drug smuggling routes wide open.  The following is a list of drug seizures by the Border Patrol in 2018 at these checkpoints:

·      41,863 pounds of marijuana

·      2,717 pounds of cocaine

·      6,366 pounds of methamphetamine

·      405 pounds of heroin

·      200 pounds of fentanyl      

These totals are what were seized by one agency, in one state, in one year!  Imagine what amounts were successfully smuggled into our country!  Yes, President Trump correctly identified this as a “CRISIS.”  His primary concern is the safety and well-being of American citizens, as it should be.  Denying entry to those whose identities and motives cannot be established is not racist, it’s proper.  It’s very simple: if you want to come in, follow the rules!  Visit immigration expert Michael Cutler’s website (www.michaelcutler.net) to learn more about the dangers of illegal immigration.  May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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