Dear Editor,


Computers are good tools when in the right hands, but when hackers get into your system, it not only can destroy your computer, but also your life.

On Monday, April 3, 2017, I awoke to a very angry message from who is now my former pastor. She told me I was done with the church, just to move on. I had gone to the Assembly of God Church for 8 or 9 months. This pastor had received a message that was supposed to be from me but was not. I soon found out that my Facebook account had been hacked. I had been very ill for over a year having trouble just keeping going and now this. Nothing could be said or done. Within days, I was removed from the church by the District Superintendent, Presbyter and the Pastor at the Assembly of God Church at Polo.

There is a real problem in this as it was done in the most ungodly way. I was not called in to be counseled. I was not given the chance to defend myself, just told to get out. The truth was not sought and Bible guidelines were not used. Decisions are not made by the people who support and love the church but by the Pastor, District Superintendent and Presbyter who cared noting about the truth.

I reported the incident to the police who could do very little as these hackers are mostly out of the country and out of their jurisdiction. There was no love shown to me by the Pastor and District. What did come through was pure hate. This is the type of church and leaders, that I for one, want nothing to do with. They do not reflect the love of Jesus.

I have seen many people in the surrounding areas who have had their Facebooks hacked and lose all their data, where others have recognized the hackers and escaped the devastation in their lives. Since the hack, I have had to change my phone number, as it was through Messenger that was hacked. I was receiving messages, I did not know where they were from, and at least 5 to 8 calls a day, I did not know the numbers. I had to change the password on my telephone and the worst of all, I do not any longer go to any church.

The hurt these hackers cause was painful, but even more painful was to know this Assembly of God Church whose pastor I tried to support both with ideas she would have and helping the church money wise, turned on me like a snake not caring about my well being. I would advise any one who has a computer to watch it closely. Be careful of Messenger and above everything else, be careful what church you pick to worship at. The people may be the best there are, but if the Pastor or District are not good leaders, it will hurt you in the end and the church. Church is for the sinners, not the saints, and a church is only as strong as its weakest links. If the weakest link is the leader, than the church will suffer.


Joan Hinds


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