Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, 

In response to last week’s news story regarding Travis Trosper’s illegal business dealings with the City of Hamilton, I would like to bring it to everyone's attention that Mr. Trosper is not the only one at fault. The checks had to be signed by at least two other people at Hamilton City Hall. Some, if not all of these bids were solicited by telephone at the direction of Hamilton City Administrator Jean Van Iperen. 

The City of Hamilton does have an ordinance regarding Conflicts of Interest that was passed on 08-10- 2016. According to the minutes of the meeting posted on the City of Hamilton Website, Mayor Winford Gilliam, Alderman Trosper, City Administrator Jean Van Iperen and Hamilton City Attorney Robert Cowherd were all in attendance. 

So the question is if they were all in attendance and were aware of this ordinance, then why did they allow these illegal transactions to occur and who signed the checks to use taxpayer money to pay Mr. Trosper. Further, the City Attorney Mr. Cowherd represented Mr. Trosper in the Ethic’s Commission case. Wouldn’t that be in conflict with his representation of the City of Hamilton? Where is the Mayor and City Administrator’s responsibility in all this? 

Further, there have been a lot of comments made from the City Management about the current audit being conducted by the Missouri State Auditor’s Office, which began after a petition was circulated and hundreds of signatures were obtained from Hamilton citizens. They said they have an audit done every year why didn’t their audit catch this. 

Even more alarming, after they were caught, they had no comment for the citizens and taxpayers they are supposed to be representing. That says a lot about their character. Apparently, ethics and integrity are lost in this current administration. 

Time for changes,

I.B. Fugate III 

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