Letter to the Editor

Waging Peace?

What if we put as much effort into getting along as we do in trying to get our own way?

What if nations put as much effort into “Waging Peace” as the do in “waging war”? For example. Two or three people (nations) have a very different idea about what needs to be done to solve Climate change? Instead of complaining about how “wrong” the 

other persons view was; what if they focused on the areas where they agree? They could start with what they want to see as an end result. This is akin to the analogy of farmers arguing about how best to harvest the crop. One is looking through a window at a field of corn. They other is looking thru a different window at a field of wheat. Before they can agree on the best way to harvest, and when, they both need to be looking thru the same window and at the same crop. They both need to be willing to listen while the other is talking and to WANT A WIN – WIN outcome. It does not matter which crop as long as it is the same one.  Working together will create respect for the each other, build trust, and make a better outcome. Once they solve that issue, they move to the next, together. It could be about politics, building a new home, child discipline, or how to budget. We do have to want something better than what we have.

Pat O'Connor


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