Dryer found off Log Creek Bridge

Letter to the Editor

I have the benefit of living in a rural area in a beautiful part of the country off Log Creek Road outside of Kingston. One of my many pleasures, besides sitting on my front porch, admiring the view and listening to nature, is to take a walk south down the road, over the bridge and up the hill weather permitting. I do this quite often and so get to experience those of us who do not respect nature, our environment, our planet, the very thing that provides us the means with which to live. By this I mean littering.

I often find beer cans, liquor bottles, food containers, probably 90% of which could be recycled or at least disposed of properly. This never ceases to amaze or dismay me.  Two decades ago at least, someone from a nearby business had dumped two loads of trash off the side of the road onto our then property. They left ID in the trash so we were able to track them down and have them come pick it up. People have left furniture (easily burned if you live where that is permissible) on the side of the road, appliances, and TV’s.

Today I noticed (hard to miss) a dryer in the creek off the east side of Log Creek bridge. Tire tracks in the sand on the other side may have been from a vehicle used to dump it or it could have been thrown from the bridge. If that person had the wherewithal to haul it to a bridge and toss it, they could have taken it to Cameron scrap metal and received payment for the metal! But, they instead chose to trash our environment.

We all live on this planet, and it takes everyone to live responsibly. Obviously that is not the case that even when you take stuff to be recycled to the bins in Hamilton, people leave all sorts of un recyclable items and I supposed, expect someone else to pick up after them.

I am going to enclose pics of the pristine area I love to walk, pics of the dryer and the opposite side with tracks.  Shame on you whoever did that!

Kim Hopkins

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