Above The Law

Fellow American’s

Do you know anyone as “above the law” as Hillary “Rotten” Clinton?  I don’t, except for maybe her husband (victim) Bill and of course, our beloved Anti-American President Barack Hussein Obama!  Incredibly, “Rotten” continues to snub her nose at FBI investigators as they prepare to interview her closest aids and confidants.  I mean, she already told them everything she knew about emails and Benghazi, right?  And besides, what difference at this point does it make?  Sadly, I believe the feds will get as far with these interviews as Congress did when interviewing “Rotten.”

Like so many politicians who get their hand caught in the cookie jar (or in Bill’s case, an appendage caught somewhere else), the proven method used to escape blame and responsibility is to repeatedly and vehemently lie.  When that peters out, they usually try to downplay the situation.  Next, they deflect and redirect the blame at someone else (usually a Republican) whether or not the person or party had anything at all to do with it. Lastly, they use a diversionary tactic and go on the offensive with a fabricated scandal to distract the media away from them, all the while playing the victim.

Let’s take a closer look at Rotten’s reaction to reporter’s questions about her emails.  As you may recall, she vehemently denied sending or receiving classified information on her private email account.  That was proven to be a lie, as highly classified information (deleted by “Rotten”) was recovered by the FBI, proving she tried to cover it up! As the press continued to hound her, she downplayed the issue by redirecting the media’s attention to other government officials who used private emails accounts, as if saying, “I’m not the only one; everyone does it.” As the email issue became a full blown scandal, “Rotten” played the victim and went on the offense against the members of the Congressional committees that were investigating her.  “Rotten” and her minions falsely accused them of fabricating and sensationalizing the email scandal!

Ultimately we all must ask ourselves the following questions and make up our own minds:  Is “Rotten” trustworthy and does she have America’s best interest at heart?  Please do your own research and see the truth for yourself. Websites like www.townhall.com, wwwjudicialwatch.org, and www.breitbart.com are very informative.

May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi                                                                                                                                                                           

Kidder, MO

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