Dear Editor:

This letter is to let people know that Mary Williams who has been the mayor of Cowgill for 2+ years has done more for the city of Cowgill than anyone I can recall in the 25 years I have lived here. Penny Byers also did a fabulous job working with the Contractors and Engineers getting the sewer project in for the community.

Mary resigned from the Mayor position last week and several of the residents wanted to let her know how much she and the work she has done is appreciated.

Mary has fixed the dog problem which had been a problem for years. She and her daughter took dogs and cats to shelters, paid out of their own pockets to get both neutered and returned them to their owners. I don’t know anyone else who would do that for their community.

Mary also took the time to visit most homes, and where there was an issue with taxes or back sewer bills or any other problem, she saw that it was fixed.  I have even seen Mary down in ditches cleaning them by herself to make our town cleaner. 

Mary collected around $1,000.00 in back taxes but received no money for doing that.  She simply did what needed to be done. She also collected a large sewer bill that had been neglected to be collected. Again, this was done on her time and she did it for the good of Cowgill.

There have been colorful flowers in all the containers around town as well as holiday decorations for each holiday season. Again, thanks goes to Mary. 

Our City Council meetings used to be notorious for the arguments, but since Mary Williams took over, there has been calm. I remember one where there was a large crowd at the Methodist Church Annex, and she told a person that there would be no talking out of turn and polite decorum would be the rule. It has worked and she is to be commended for her service to Cowgill.

Thanks Mary Williams for a job well done. A number of neighbors and people of Cowgill wanted to sign this letter, but I did not have time to get to everyone. Rest assured that most of Cowgill’s citizenry appreciates Mary Williams.

Freida Wiley

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