Lesser of the Evils

Fellow Americans,

Have you ever played a card game and sensed you were being cheated? Have you ever done business with a shyster and thought you were getting jipped? Have you ever felt like either way you choose, you lose? If so, welcome to election year 2016!

What a lousy choice we have in presidential candidates! On one hand, there's Donald Trump. Like a modern day Godfather with a New York-size ego, the Don acts like we should bow down, kiss his ring, and thank him for running for president. His claim to fame is being a wheeler dealer; a shrewd business tycoon who can negotiate with anyone. Is that what we need in a President? Sadly, our other choice is worse. To elect Hideous Hillary is to re-elect Barack Obama, which would be disastrous for our liberty.

About abortion, for instance, Hideous Hillary said she would continue to use tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood, which, by the way, has not been held accountable for selling aborted baby body parts! We should all be enraged and incensed at the brutal murders of millions of innocent babies! Why is she so supportive of the infant slaughter houses? I think it is because they donate big bucks (our money) to the Clinton Foundation. In return, Hideous promises to keep the federal money spigot open to them!

Regarding the 2nd Amendment, Hideous said she would push for stricter gun regulations, and if Congress failed to act, she would go it alone through administrative action! Referring to immigration, Hideous said she would defend Obama's executive actions and, “go even further to keep (illegal) families together!” Here we go again! Her contempt for Congress, the Constitution, and the citizens is appalling!

When asked about her foreign policy, Hideous said, “We and our allies must work hand in hand to dismantle the networks that move money and propaganda and arms and fighters across the world.”

I wonder what networks she is referring to. I know she would NEVER have anything to do with money ($150 billion to Iran), propaganda (anti-Islam video), arms (Benghazi), or fighters (Muslim Brotherhood)!

By no means am I a Donald Trump fan, nor do I favor holding my nose at the polls on election day. Thanks to our stupidity, we are faced with a bleak future, regardless which idiot gets elected as the next president. Friends, please pray for our country and our leaders; that God may not forsake us like we have forsaken him!

May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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