Letter to the Editor,

Having decided that I should practice what I preach, it seems clear that I need to focus more on what our local government doing as apposed to the state and federal to who only pay lip service to the people to get what they want. Having done that one could imagine my surprise when I was reading a report about the Kidder City Council meeting, but rather the reporter telling us about what happened they opened the report like this:

“In a meeting of all meetings, the Kidder City Council, took 1-1/2 hours to make a decision on two issues. After three plus hours of listening to the ramblings on of code enforcement, attendees finally floundered out to their vehicles in pitch dark to return home at a time past most bedtimes.”

It is clear that the person writing this opinion piece, placed this item in the wrong section of the paper, since this is all about the writer's thoughts and feelings about the meeting and nothing to do with the actual meeting itself. In the future, I hope that when the paper send someone to report on city council meeting that they send two people, one to report on what takes place and a second to report about how clearly boring the meeting was and how it was a waste of time, that way we can read about the actual news and the read a nice editorial. 

I know that many of the discussions that take place at meetings tend to be long drawn out and boring, that is the nature of meetings and they are worse when it comes to meeting that involve the government. Things that on an individual level seem simple and straight forward, get very complicated when they have to be decided upon and settle by two people or more. Add the fact that some of the people have specific reasons as to why they are for or against something and the issue gets so complex that the only thing that those can agree on is to table it for a later discussion. That is the nature of government. 

One thing is a concern is that the city clerk is bothered by the number of vehicles citizen own? Do we really want the city of Kidder to go around handing out tickets based on how many vehicles you own. Perhaps the city should build a parking lot and rent spaces so that citizens do not exceeded the allotted number of vehicles one parks on their property. Would this also pertain to tractors and farm equipment too? I guess not since the concern the city clerk has is only about “Businesses,” and farming of course is not a Business, it's just a hobby!

G. Robert Bauer II, Kidder

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