Fellow Americans,

Throughout the world, tyrants have unceasingly tried to obtain the power necessary to exert total control over their people. Sadly, America is no different. Barack Hussein Obama has systematically turned our federal government into a lethal weapon to be used against the American people. For example:

o       Department of Education: Forced schools to adopt Common Core standards and to allow transgender kids to use whatever bathroom they want under threat of a lawsuit or defunding!

o       Department of Health and Human Services: Forced Obamacare on all Americans under penalty of law at the cost of $10 trillion!

o       Department of Housing and Urban Development: Forced affluent communities to build low-income housing for inner-city people based on “fairness”!

o       Department of Justice: (way too many to list them all) Refused to enforce federal immigration laws and sued states who took enforcement action! Forced overbearing and costly standards on local police departments under threat of a lawsuit or defunding! Unlawfully allowed assault weapons to fall into the hands of Mexican drug lords hoping it would escalate gun violence on the southern border. With increased violence, the feds could justify imposing strict anti-gun laws on law-abiding Americans! Sadly, one Border Patrol officer was killed with no one held accountable! Created “civil rights” for LGBT people while suppressing the rights of religious individuals/groups!

o       Department of State: Deliberately destabilized the Middle East, leading to the Arab Spring and the unlawful military strikes in Libya. Conducted an illegal gun-running operation in Benghazi, Libya, in which 4 Americans died and top government officials (Obama and Hillary Clinton) lied!

o       Internal Revenue Service: Unlawfully delayed/denied tax-exempt status to conservative “tea party” groups since 2010! To date, IRS officials continue to stonewall the investigation!

o       National Security Agency: Unlawfully collected phone data from Americans! When the scheme was discovered, top agency officials lied to Congressional investigators with no one held accountable!

o       Environmental Protection Agency: Overregulation of oil and coal companies make it too costly to operate, driving them out of business. Instead, our tax dollars are being spent to subsidize cost-ineffective windmills and electric cars, which the majority of Americans don’t want! 

These agencies/departments did not act on their own, but upon orders by their iron-fisted boss, (our king and tyrant) Obama! Learn more at www.thehill.com, www.theblaze.com, and www.pjmedia.com. We must learn the truth and unite against tyranny! May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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