Under The Radar

by Dan Landi

Fellow Americans,

With all the political news making headlines lately, I decided to take a look at what was flying under the radar and NOT making headlines. It didn’t take long for me to find three things to discuss: the White House fence, Target’s restroom policy, and felons voting. Enjoy!

President Obama wants to raise the White House fence five feet to discourage “fence-jumpers!” The irony is priceless because Obama doesn’t want people to sneak onto HIS lawn and invade HIS space. By not building a fence on our southern border, he apparently doesn’t mind if they sneak onto OUR lawn and invade OUR space! This is a classic example of the elitist mentality: “Do as I say, not as I do.” It is also a crystal clear example of how some politicians think they are better than us “commoners.” Take windmills, for example. Politicians don’t mind putting them up in our yards, but they had better not be anywhere near theirs!

Target has a “transgender” policy which states if a man “feels” like a woman, then he (she) may use the women’s restroom, and vice versa! How insane is that? Personally, I think the whole transgender thing is a crock. Regardless of how we feel about our sex, God made us the way He wanted us to be. God does not make mistakes; it’s the devil that plants crazy ideas in our heads! We are headed down a slippery slope which will allow any sexual predator to pretend to be of the opposite sex just to have access to potential victims! I wonder how many customers Target must lose before they discard this new policy!

In an attempt to create millions of new voters, Obama proposed a plan to allow convicted felons to vote upon their release from prison. He claims black people are being treated unfairly because there are more black people in prison than there are white people. Do you think Obama would be as interested if this was not an election year? Does he care more about the inmate or the vote he possesses?

America is sinking in quicksand and most people don’t even know it. Please, do your own homework, learn the truth, and teach others. We must stand firm against America’s enemies before it is too late! May God bless you and the United States of America!

Dan Landi

Kidder, MO

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